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: Lining of Gallbladder Wall is Thin.. anyone have any information???
: lovesst.bernards October 31, 2009, 06:40:52 PM
Hello Everyone!

I'm somewhat new to this site.. I've been reading A LOT of the information that others have posted on here but I've never posted anything myself.. but I had a question and was wondering if anyone had ever dealt with this problem before or knows any information that might be helpful

A good friend of mine is having A LOT of problems with her gallbladder and is in some serious pain on a somewhat regular basis and she has had a least 2 ultrasounds done and been to the doctor several times and they have told her that the lining of her Gallbladder wall is thin.. SO I was just wondering if there might be some way to kind of "build" it back up.. I don't know if this is too far fetched but just wanted to try to help her in any natural way I can because I would hate for her to have to get it taken out..

Thanks for any help.. it is very much appreciated!!!

: Re: Lining of Gallbladder Wall is Thin.. anyone have any information???
: mykidsmom October 31, 2009, 11:34:32 PM
This is the same principle people with interstitial cystitis experience.  It's likely the bile in the gallbladder is causing pain on a wall that isn't adequately protected.  Anything mucilage in nature will be soothing and can help to rebuild the wall.  Marshmellow root tea, slippery elm tea.  Things along those lines.  I use both of those as teas trying to rebuild my bladder lining. 

The second thing is figuring out the "why" it's happening.  It sounds like it might be autoimmune related (as IC is).  In that case she is going to want to investigate threads on here about cleansing the body.  Right now it might not be wise to directly do liver cleanses because that could increase her pain.  Liver and gallbladder are closely related.   But she could do something like the water cure. 

Autoimmune diseases are caused by a toxic body so to get to the root of the problem and "why" she should investigate those issues.  In the meantime, the mucilage teas will be both soothing and healing.  Won't necessarily take away all the pain, but it should help.

: Re: Lining of Gallbladder Wall is Thin.. anyone have any information???
: lovesst.bernards November 02, 2009, 12:50:33 PM
Thank you for the information!!

Looking into finding those teas for her and she is looking into the water cure!

I appreciate the help and hopefully she can find some relief