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: Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods
: IMPersuadd February 01, 2008, 12:26:05 PM
Hi All,

I did a search and couldn't find this info so here goes - does anyone know the pros and cons of various professional carpet cleaning methods?

We had a mold exposure issue and then have been doing remodel work since.  My husband (and I) would like the carpets thoroughly cleaned since we have small children playing on them daily.

In the past I have done the truck mounted steam cleaning and been fairly happy with results.  However, I really want to avoid the moisture and chemicals.

Once LONG ago I did the ChemDry routine but truly can't recall that it seemed any cleaner than steam cleaning and is more expensive as well as I am back to the chemical issue.

Today I got a flier about a method called "OxiFresh" (www.oxifresh.com) that uses oxygen based cleaners.  Their website doesn't have a way to ask questions so I will probably call, but again I am curious about chemicals.

Any advice or knowlege about these things or another alternative I don't know about yet?

Thanx alot,
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: Re: Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods
: Sakirjaman August 28, 2013, 08:23:15 PM

One way to wash stains is with the aid of a shop-vac. Absolutely no, you can’t just suck out the stain, but you'll be able to repeatedly wash and rinse the area, and suck out the solution each time. It is a more effective approach than blotting up the water with fabric, mostly because you won’t contain the patience to rinse, rinse and draw out enough times utilizing paper towels or perhaps cloth.

Another little secret with the carpet cleaners can be putting rugs outside and inside the front door. They could catch much with the dirt that people bring in on their feet. This isn’t pretty much less vaccuuming, even though. Dirt is like thousands of little blades that will cut carpet fabric. The damaged carpet stains more readily then, and it’s harder to remove the stains. An even better practice is to take off your shoes at home.