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: Intercostal Neuralgia
: SammyJ October 26, 2007, 02:46:29 AM
I have been recently diagnose with intercostal neuralgia. After have surgery from galbladder removal, and a car accident. Does anyone else on here have this or have had this before? My dr. prescribed me a nerve medicine which is helping some. But I could use more advice. Thanks, Samantha
: Re: Intercostal Neuralgia
: SammyJ October 26, 2007, 05:57:17 PM
Has anyone on here experienced this before? Or has overcome this? Or am I the only one, lol. Thanks!!!!
: Re: Intercostal Neuralgia
: ladyhen October 27, 2007, 04:32:54 AM
I have been recently diagnose with intercostal neuralgia. After have surgery from galbladder removal, and a car accident. Does anyone else on here have this or have had this before? My dr. prescribed me a nerve medicine which is helping some. But I could use more advice. Thanks, Samantha

Speaking for myself, I have no idea what this is.  Our family has seen only alternative practitioners and this isn't a term that they use.  If you could clarify what this is, you may get more responses. 

Is the "nerve medicine" that you refer to for calming a nervous condition or for repair of nerve damage?  There are natural methods to help either of these. 
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: BJ_BOBBI_JO October 27, 2007, 05:47:14 AM
Is that  kind of like  phantom pain? ( when a body part is missing and the nerve leading to it still thinks the body part is there so the person at times 'feels' the missing body part still there acting up and hurting them even tho it is gone). I had that for a while after my gall bladder removal. I was having gall bladder attacks after it was removed. I called them gall bladderless attacks. Also that area can hurt due to one needing to do a liver and bile duct cleansing cause bile sludge and stones can still cause harm in them even after the gall bladder itself is gone.

 Did you get the Intercostal Neuralgia after your gall bladder surgery?
I wonder if your nerves in that area are inflammed which would contribute to the nerve pains?
: Re: Intercostal Neuralgia
: SammyJ October 27, 2007, 06:31:28 AM
What they say happened is that when they took out my galbladder they must have damaged some nerves in my ribs. Sometimes that happens, It's call Intercostal Neuralgia. They are also telling me that when they gave me antesthecia that it can cause a hormonal imbalance for a long time (which I beleive) . Just wondering if anyone else is or has gone through this. Also, alot of dr's dont know about intercostal neuralgia, so alot of people end up being misdiagnosed.
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: ThreeLittlePigs November 18, 2008, 04:18:37 PM
I have had Intercostal Neuralgia for about 20 years.  The first time I experienced the pain was when I bent over to tie my shoes before going to school.  The pain only lasts about 20 seconds and it goes away.  I have never gone to the doctor about it.  I always knew the pains in the rib is called "Intercostal Neuralgia".  I have asked several regular doctors about it, but none of them knew the cause nor the cure. For the last 10 years or so, I have noticed that the pain seemed to happen after I ate "beef."  I started to seeing Chiropractor for about 3 years now and when I asked him about it, he said something like it is casued by virus or bacteria in the rib.  I have taken "bentonite clay" for other reasons and ever since I have taken the clay, I have not had any Intercostal Neuralgia.  It is a nerve related pain, but might be caused by the virus or bacteria irritating the nerve. Bentonite clay has a power to pull or chelate anything that is positively cahrged such as all heavy metals, most environmental poisons/toxins and unfriendly microorganisms.  So, you might want to try clay to see if it stop giving you pain.  You can drink it mixing with apple juice.
: Re: Intercostal Neuralgia
: SammyJ November 19, 2008, 07:23:03 PM
Thanks, how did they find that out about the bacteria? Also, where do you find the Bentonite Clay? I will have to try it.
: Re: Intercostal Neuralgia
: ThreeLittlePigs November 26, 2008, 06:32:01 PM
Well, when I asked my chiropractor about it (a long time ago), he didn't say it was caused by virus or bacteria for sure.  I think that's what he believes or heard.  Of course I did not go into it with him, so maybe next time I see him, I will ask some more. 
It's interesting that you mentioned about 'hormon'.  Does your doc mean that by taking out gallbladder, it caused hormon imbalance?  I have thyloid problem for a long time and taking herb medicine.  I am not sure about hormon imbalance cause the intercostal neuralgia though...
I googled Intercostal nueralgia and most of them says that basically the cause is pinched nerve.

Intercostal neuralgia occurs due to compressions in the nerves in the thorax-abdomen region or the ribcage area. These compressions can occur due various reasons, such as

An enlarged abdomen, especially in aged patients
An abdominal muscle tissue rupture
A scar or suture around the nerve
Excessive use of abdominal muscles
Musculoskeletal conditions, like a short leg or an abnormal curve in the vertebral column
Like sciatica, intercostal neuralgia is caused by a pinched nerve.

So after reading this, I thought maybe your pain was caused due to the car accident.  I don't know how bad you were injured but some tissue damage could influence the nerve, I'm sure. 

In regards to Bentonite clay, you can read about it at www.aboutclay.com (http://www.aboutclay.com)  As you will see in this website, Clay is being used for cleansing, detoxing and even getting rid of pinples.  You can get Bentonite Clay from Shoshanna's Gardens (see above ad or www.bulkherbstore.com ) 1lb for like $5.00 which is a good price.  Mine costs $28 for 1lb at the Chiro doc's office.  It's called Therapeutic Living Clay 1-800-915-Clay.  I even took the Clay with Applejuice when I broke out in hives at night, which I believe it was due to entering premenopause.  I have not had hives ever since.   
Even if Clay does not cure your Intercostal Neuralgia, I don't believe it's harmful for you to take it, but I will leave that up to you by reading more about the Clay yourself. 
I do hope and pray that it will help you because I know how painful it is and how pesky thing to have that pain.  How often do you have the pain?