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Does anyone have a really good brand for  a dehydrator?  I borrowed my MIL's from an infomercial.  This thing was horrible!!  Everything was so chewy and tasted like a fruit roll-up.  Are all dehydrators like this?  I want banana chips to taste like a crisp chip.  Not something that will stick to my teeth like a jujubee!!  Any suggestions?

Chickory Chick:
I have an "infomercial" one, but have been eyeing the Excalibur dehydrator when I replace the one I have, based on the reviews I have heard.  It is pricey, but I have heard a lot of good review.  It has rectangular trays and you can get a 4 tray model or as a big as a 9 tray model depending on your needs.  You are also able to control the temperature!

Hope this helps.

I just bought a Ronco off ebay last night - on the one hand they seem really good, on the other hand there are LOTS of people on ebay selling them.  Hmmm....well, I got it because you can make yogurt in it too.  My other dehydtrator, not sure the brand, died finally.  I called to get a part but no parts, just told me "well, unfortunately things don't last forever."  Funny.   

I like the bananas chewy, not crunchy.   ;D  If you want them crunchy, just slice thinner and perhaps leave them in longer. 

Try this site:

They test their products and recommend.  I have never bought a dehydrator but have bought other products of theirs or that they recommended and been very satisfied.

We've been using our RonCo for years and LOVE it.  Very easy to use and clean and store.  There are also good recipes for making yogurt (which I haven't done) and fruit leather (which I have done) using it.  Makes the house smell great, too!  I think the reason there are so many on EBay is because of the volume of how many have been sold through TV, not because of any flaw.


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