Author Topic: How long should I give an herbal tincture to work before saying its not working?  (Read 6092 times)

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That is the question. How long should you give it before saying it doesnt work, I need to try something else?  I am taking 2 tinctures for hormone balancing effects, and 2 herbs in the tinctures (False Unicorn and Vitex) can take up to 3 months to notice effects?? in the body. There are other herbs in the tinctures,too  like Dong quai, red raspberry, ect

A canada herbalist told me it can take 3-6 months for the hormones to balance out.  SO that means I need to take these formulas for 3 months before giving up?  I just have been giving up to soon on other stuff because Im soo impatient, and i want to give  the herbs a fair chance this time before going to something else.

I just listened to a podcast by Christiphor Hobbs about Herbal dosage and he says to up the dosage if your not getting the results you want, how many of you support this theory?  He said up it 50%-100% more than the bottle, and see how it works if you dont get the desired results with the dose on the bottle. he also said the dose on the bottle is often on the low side, so Thereputiclly, you have to take more if you want to get a result or whatever!

I have heard that you cant really acsess how a tincture/formula is working until at least  6 wks are up.   Herbs do work slower than drugs...

Just curious, and hoping you can share how long you give your herbals to work...
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Tinctures just don't work like drugs. Their properties are nourishing and supporting -- not masking of symptoms like a pharmaceutical would do. Around our house, I make sure that I know what is in the tincture (I make mine with vegetable glycerin). When someone is sick, I give them a dose every hour or two until the symptoms alleviate -- or as often as they desire. This is because we use herbs that have food properties.

Just as you would crave something if your body wasn't getting enough, we allow our children to take more of a tincture if they request it. As soon as enough is there for the body to utilize in its own defense, we see a improvement and the tincture isn't needed as often or can be discontinued.

That's with remedies that we make ourselves.

If I saw no difference, I would expect that I was either not allowing enough tincture to accomplish the desired results (at a great enough frequency) or that I had misdiagnosed the body's need. If it were the latter, I would reevaluate the overall condition of the body, looking for environmental and/or dietary contributors to ill health, remove those, and address the deficiency with a more effective tincture or treatment.

You see, we aren't trying to treat an illness as a doctor would do, we are trying to set the stage for the body to regain its health.

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Also consider that what might have taken you years to do cannot be undone in a few days.  You may notice improvements, but it will take some time to "heal" completely no matter what the damage done.  If you don't notice any changes at all in a few months, I would take SC's advice and reevaluate.
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herbs girl,
If the female hormonal tincture that you are taking is made with good quality herbs, then the three month time frame is probably accurate.  It takes a while for these herbs to have an effect.  Just be patient, and take care to be making any other healthy choices or changes that need to be made. 
Maybe keeping a journal to compare month to month changes in your cycles would help you to actually see the progress. 
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Ladies, thanks a bunch all of you!!  First of all, I have already noticed changes in my body, but not exactly the end result yet. Ok let me explain, I am wanting my menstrual back,  Ive had 1 period in the last 6 months after a 5 year time frame with hardly any periods (because of breastfeeding/pregnancy)  I have not breastfed scince Sept 2006 and have not pumped breastmilk scince Dec 2006.  My baby is almost 1 year.  So I got the Herbal tinctures from MountainMeadow herbs....The Toning and Cleansing and the Hormonal Balance formula.   THey are very high quality I am sure, But I dont know about the potency?  I am taking both formulas.  I have noticed:  Uterine Cramping(no period) sore breasts, and  more that I wasnt feeling  a couple months ago.  So do I take it that the formula is begining to work, I just need to be patient, now!!?? 

Keeping a journal ....hmm...I may have to do that! :)

Anyway, thanks alot for all the answers..I am going to do my absolute best to hold out with the formula(s) for at least 3 months and see what happens.  Now If I  patience came more naturally for me.. ;)

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