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growing ginger


I have heard that you can grow ginger in the US--can anyone tell me how? 

I live in zone 7a.  Can I just plant the ginger from the grocery store?  Another person told me it wouldn't work and I need to buy organic ginger as the conventional ginger is treated to not sprout.

Any advice very appreciated, thanks!

I live in zone 3  :-\   We had a piece of ginger from the store sprout so we planted it in a pot.  It is growing slowly.  I am thinking we should plant it outside while it is hot.   Sure would love to be able to grow it too.

Rebekah Pearl Anast wrote an article about growing ginger in a NGJ magazine. I remember it needed to be in damp, wet, soil. I think I recall her saying she just put it in a puddle of water, or something to that effect. My memory isn't as good as it used to be. But at least I found the article:


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