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Mold in clothing

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I have some old dresses of mine that I wanted to sell that I brought of of my garage a few days ago to find that they were moldy. The cotton ones aren't too bad they just have some light black spots on them but the dressier ones are pretty bad in spots. I tried soaking them in in the washer with a cup and a half of vinegar but it didn't affect the stains at all.  I can't wash them in hot as the tag says to wash cold..or can you?

Is there something safe to put on them to clean the mold off that won't affect the coloring?



Please, can anyone help me out? I REALLY need to clean these clothes if I can!!

You might try soaking them in water and oxygen bleach (oxyclean) for a couple of days.  Careful, though.  I have had some uneven bleaching of brightly colored items.  They need to stay submerged and be stirred around every day.

If you can find sodium perborate (one of the ingredients in Biz) then use that.  I have cleaned all sorts of clothing with a long soak in that, without the bleaching problem.

You will probably have the best success with the cotton items.

Soak them in a sinkful of water and half a box of baking soda. Wash a load with the other half of baking soda. That would be my first choice. Hope it works out!!


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