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--- Quote from: wlwest on April 20, 2011, 06:31:34 AM ---Can someone tell me if it's ok to take the dr.schultzes bowel detox's capsules apart and put the contents in the water to drink it?  I started the cleanse a while ago, but stopped because I just can't take all those pills.  I didn't realize that I could of ordered it in powdered form.  Can I just empty those pills into water and drink it?


--- End quote ---

Am I allergic to Dr. Schulze's5 day bowel detox?

Let me explain... I followed the directions for the cleanse and took one of the intestinal formula #1 right after dinner 2days ago. After breakfast (smoothie with coconut milk, spinach, blueberries, banana) the next morning I had major diarrhea which continued all day long right after I ate anything. That night I developed a headache. I went ahead and took one intestinal formula #1 because I had planned to start intestinal formula #2 the next day (today). My headache got progressively worse throughout the evening and by the time I went to bed it was a migraine. I couldn't sleep for 2 hours so I took 2 tylenol. The headache was explosive and was right above my left eye. After much prayer and with a cold wash cloth over my eyes I finally got to sleep. I did wake up this morning with a tiny headache. I delayed the formula #2 because of changes I had to make in my schedule today. It is around supper time now and my headache is starting to grow.  :-[ Will starting the #2 help because it will soak up toxins? Could I be having an allergic reaction to the #1? Has anyone had a reaction like this? Is it normal? I should mention that I had around 88 ounces of water or more throughout the day yesterday.
Any help/advice would be appreciated!

I been taking it since last Thursday , It has worked from day 1. I have always been irregular over the years and I feel so much better and not so bloated too! I'm going to order some bulk herb fiber Friday to take with it.   ;D ;D


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