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Detox + from Bulk Herb Store (and Dr. Schulze Bowel Cleanse)

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Has anybody tried BHS Detox mix???  There is only one customer review on BHS website for Detox mix.  I am interested to see if anyone has lost any weight. 

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Yes, my husband has/is using it. I prefer to avoid psyllium due to past reactions and make a similar mix without that herb.

We prefer to use it along with a laxative and healing intestinal formula. I customized and mixed one similar to Dr. Shulze intestinal formula 1.

Weight loss would probably be a secondary benefit of having cleansed the body and allowing it to come back into balance. Perhaps a few pounds might leave immediately in cleansed old fecal matter from the intestines.


--- Quote from: Number18 on October 30, 2009, 07:44:55 AM ---Has anybody tried BHS Detox mix???  There is only one customer review on BHS website for Detox mix.  I am interested to see if anyone has lost any weight. 

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I have used it and think if anyone has any kind of digestive problems, skin problems, hormone problems, allergies, or basically anything chronic at all, they should try this stuff.  It's just as good as Dr. Schulze's bowel cleanse and 1/2 the price!!!

Here's a couple of write-ups on their blog.

Check the topics list, there are a few other with specific Q&A for this stuff.

I'm a huge fan and 'pusher' of Detox +.  The more research I've done and the more stories I hear about healing from cleansing, the more I become convinced that this product along with others like it (bentonite clay, activated charcoal, Dr. Schulze, etc.) may be one of the easiest most efficient ways to get started on a healthier 'you'.

My own personal experience has been nothing short of AWESOME!  I was diagnosed with an 'incurable' condition which required medication that made me sick.  Without the meds I was incapacitated and close to insanity (itching will make one mad).  After reading some testimonials here on WTM about Dr. Schulze's bowel cleanse, I was ready to jump in.  The results were astounding and enough to convince me that charcoal and clay really ARE as effective as they say they are.  

It also got me to digging deeper.  I've found through speculation, research and a bit of trial and error, that so many other diagnoses (incurable diseases) might in fact be a result of the same toxcicity from which I was suffering.

My mother has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Her medical profile is a mile long and the list of medications the doctor has prescribed is long and filled with more side effects and health disaster than how she started.  For instance one of the medications she takes for nerve pain is causing her fingernails to detach from the nail bed and fall off.  (great stuff  :-\ )

She is also in a great amount of pain, regardless of the pain meds.  Her blood pressure dips very low on occaissions.  She's frequently out of breath, has trouble standing for long periods of time and often needs use of railings and/or a cane to stabilize and help her walk.  She is often confused and tired.  She has ulcers and the list of symptoms goes on and on and on and on.

Anyway, I finally decided that she needed to try Detox + from BHS.  I called her, explained it to her and sent her the stuff.  She started the cleanse a few days ago.  The first day overwhelmed her and she was sick and vomitting.  The next day she decided to slow down a bit and yet continue.  She has continued taking 1-3 doses (I had her follow Dr. Schulze's instructions for his bowel cleanse) each day over the last few days.  I don't think she's done, nor do I think one cleanse will be enough for her.  We also need to get her on some supplments for healing after (cod liver oil, probiotics, l.glutamine, aloe, etc.), BUT in just a few short days, she's gone from being virtually invalid to being able to cook dinner for herself and a friend, clean her kitchen, take out her trash and wash her dishes without being winded or feeling dead.  

She and I are very hopeful and believe that the Detox + is doing exactly what I thought it would.  I believe that fibromyalgia (and many other unexplained or incurable diseases) are nothing more than a body so overloaded with toxins from overuse of medications (especially antidepressants, pain killers and antibiotics), over-consumption of processed foods, overexposure to a toxic water supply, toxins from our dishes and cookware, hygiene & feminine products (and on and on) that it cannot filter toxins and allow the immune and other systems to function as they were designed.

Imagine the filters on your heater and AC unit.  If you don't clean them and you put them in a dusty dirty room, they will eventually become so clogged, they will not function anymore.  I don't think your body is any different.  

I intend to post more after my mom sends me her notes.  We also have a couple of other friends in mind for the same course of action--one has fibromyalgia and the other lupus.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

I also happen to know a couple of other welltellers have some really good experiences to share that related to using these products.  I'd encourage them to post them here as well.

HB, I just got this for my son.  I have put it in “0” capsules for him.  I calculated that he needs 1 ½ tbls which is 12 capsules.  What I’m not sure about is if I should give him all 12 capsules at once or space it out 4 per meal?  I have acacia fiber I’m going to have him take at night to push things through quickly.  I was going to do this for seven days and see how he responds and then go from there.  I’m hoping to see some of his food allergies get better from this.  If it works for him we will be doing daddy next and so on.  Can you advise if he needs all 12 capsules at once or not?  I did call BHS and they told me putting it in capsules for kids was a great way to go so I know that part is okay. 

It is VERY exciting to hear how your mom is doing!  I totally agree that all of these auto-immune diseases today are nothing more then the body being totally toxic.  Clear the toxicity and you heal the body.



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