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I have no idea where to put this and i hope there isn't another topic on the subject already. I searched and came up with nothing.

I'm looking to buy some sleep tea and i need to know what is the best one to get that really works. There is sweet sleep tea and there is another one called snooze tea or something right? Can someone tell me what your experience is with these?

Mrs. B:
What I have always used with good success is the Yogi brand bedtime tea.  It is a blend of valerian,  passion flower, skullcap and several other herbs.

Kava kava tea makes me sleepy.


Here is the ingredient for my calming tincture:

Valerian, Hops, passion flower, alfalfa, catnip, oatstraw, peppermint

I am assuming it would make a good tea without the valerian  and hops- those too are too bitter.

My friend told me that a catnip tincture puts her to sleep if she is already tired but cant fall asleep.

Hi there,

I have an amazing story about the Sleep Tight tea from Bulk Herb Store. My mom suffers from an EXTREME case of insomnia. She has tried EVERYTHING, but nothing worked. I gave her some of this tea and she started drinking it every night, brewing it quite strong. She told me that while it does not cure her insomnia (her's is an extreme case), she told me that it really helps her sleep through the night! She used to wake up every hour and have trouble falling back asleep, but now she gets 7 hours instead of the usual 2-3.

She still has trouble falling asleep when she first goes to bed, but once she does, she is sleeping fine. Wow, I had doubts whether the Sleep Tight tea would work, but it seems to be helping her. Funny how herbs do the trick when common medicine does nothing!

For myself I love this tea. Its really calming and when I drink it before bedtime, I conk out. Just a note that you might want to steep it for a long time. I just leave the herbs in my cup and drink it straight without removing them.

Hope this helps.  :)


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